Do you remember those times when we had no mobile devices and to play some video games, we needed to use a gaming console? Seems like sometimes, we all miss those carefree halcyon days when our only concern was to choose what game to play! But today, you can still experience the same emotions as you experienced as a kid while playing GameCube ISO. All retro games are still available, and in this post, we’ll show what tools are needed to play classic games today.

The Nintendo GameCube is a legendary gaming device that first was offered for sale in Japan in 2001. Millions of experienced gamers still remember this incredible gaming device that had a wide array of superb games. Moreover, it was the first console that had optical discs as the main storage space. When it hit the markets of Europe and the United States, it instantaneously became the main competitor to the best-sellers: Xbox and PlayStation 2. If a player needed to extend the functionality of the console, they could connect it a GameBoy Advance via a cable.

The new-found popularity made the gaming console a must-have tool for millions of players; 22 million units were sold out. Nevertheless, time is getting on and to play games, you don’t need a console anymore. However, if you still want to play old-classic games, you can easily do that with the help of GameCube Roms and an emulator. Let’s check how you can do that!

What Game Cube ISOs to Choose?

As we have already mentioned, you can’t buy a new console anymore. Old, retro versions cost a bundle. But all the games that were developed specifically for this gaming device are still alive. They are stored in the form of ROMs. It’s a data file that includes a copy of the ROM chip for a hardware device (from a video game cartridge). ROMs are the primary tools that are needed for software emulation. The only thing that you need to do is to choose what GameCube ISO you wish to play at the moment, download it on your device and run it through the emulator on your computer. Here’s a list of the most legendary ROMs for the Nintendo Gamecube console:

  • Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door;
  • Animal Crossing;
  • The Legend of Zelda;
  • Mario Party 4;
  • Resident Evil 4;
  • Luigi’s Mansion;
  • Super Mario Sunshine;
  • Super Smash Bros;
  • Metroid Prime, and much more.

Grab the one you wish to play at the moment, download it, and open via one of the below-listed emulators.

What You Should Know About Gamecube Emulators

The overriding purpose of an emulator is to imitate the work of the gaming console on your computer, smartphone or tablet. In other words, it’s a program that you need to download and install on your device to run Gamecube ISOs. There are a few emulators to choose from:

Dolwin emulator

You can open Gamecube ROMs with the help of this emulator. Even though this tool is still under development, you can still use it to run a few commercial games. It’s an open-source project written with C. Dolwin is compatible with Windows-based devices.

Dolphin emulator

It’s an open-source project that has the best rating among players. Today, it is considered the best emulating tool for retro gaming. This program enables you to enjoy old-classic GameCube games on HD quality. Dolphin is suitable for Windows, Mac and Android devices.

Whine Cube emulator

It’s a homebrew oriented emulating tool for Windows. This program can easily load ELF, DOL, and GCM formats with excellent graphics and sound emulation. Unfortunately, you can’t run some commercial games with the help of this tool.


This tool is compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows-based devices. It was built with the purpose to run at least one commercial game perfectly emulated. It’s an open-source project that provides players with high-level graphics and sound emulation.

Overall, if you want to test classic games on any modern device, grab your favorite Gamecube ISO, a suitable emulator and finally start playing! Pleasant emotions are guaranteed!