Who is the art director? 

The art director is indispensable to any creative project. It supervises the team, is responsible for the concept and its visual implementation, and ensures that the work is completed according to the deadline. 

In advertising agency and design studio art director is responsible for product concept, manages creative team, communicates with clients. At the publishing house, the art director controls the layout of a magazine, a book, or a newspaper, orders illustrations, develops concepts of photography.

In any other company that sells goods or services, an art director is necessary for the marketing department: it develops the concepts of advertising campaigns, helps to introduce new products to the audience, supervises the brand style, etc.

Basic requirements for art director

The main keywords are trends, creation, and analysis. The perfect candidate must be able to create high-quality visual content, know the needs of the customer, and manage the staff. Getting the idea of the software for designers, artists and weavers is also a prerequisite. To become an art director it is necessary to have not only baggage of knowledge but also a portfolio of projects.

Perfect resume for an art director

If you’re a talented art director, you probably know how to promote yourself. The two main components which must be in your resume are your experience and creativity. You should show how you relate to the arts and your skills as a director. What about art, your art director resume should look like created by template, perhaps you could make it as a table, a video, or an art object. Try to impress your employer. It’s very important to show your people management skills and team experience in general. Your resume is your calling card, so tell them about your best qualities and skills.

Usually, if you are already known for some projects, recruiters will invite you and will initially be interested in you as a candidate, but try to confirm all your skills officially with a resume.